Tour overview

For those that like to splurge yourselves once in a while, we have great bivouac facilities that will make you feel like a King in its Saharan tent.
Our VIP Luxury Tents in Sahara are something incredible to experience, as decoration was prepared to its maximum, creating an unbelievable and unforgettable ambiance.
Lux tents have are divided into 2 different spaces within 1 tent: bed and living room.

Your camp is dedicated to you. It consists of 5 very luxurious tents. Each tent has a large room with carpets, a seating area, a bathroom with a shower, basin, and toilet. You can enjoy an aperitif in front of your tent, sitting on poufs Berber, lit by lanterns watching the sunset and twilight blue. This is the term generally used by painters and photographers to describe these short moments of soft light after sunset. After dinner, enjoy a fascinating experience under the stars of the Sahara Desert. In the morning, watch the sunrise or just enjoy a lie-in with breakfast at your tent.

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